NCC Approved caravan holiday homes

NCC Approved badge for leisure accommodation vehicles

The NCC is currently the only agency in the UK inspecting caravan holiday homes.  Its Badge of Approval scheme makes sure your holiday home is safe and that it complies with all relevant regulations and British and European legislation.  A team of specialists will have made hundreds of different checks to ensure it complies with the European Standard BS EN 1647 or the British Standard BS 3632.  They will have checked and carefully examined:

  • Gas and electrical installations
  • Appliances, making sure they are suitable for a holiday home
  • Heating and water systems
  • The home's weight and dimensions
  • Ventilation and emergency exits
  • and much more

New homes will have fire-resistant furnishings and fabrics where required and be fitted with smoke detectors and CO alarms.   So a modern home is not just stylish - it is safe as well.   

Make sure you look for the NCC Approved badge on the holiday home you're about to buy:


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