Safety and Security

The best action you can take to ensure your general safety is to buy a caravan which displays the NCC Approved badge of approval from an NCC member that follows the industry Code of Practice.

Providing your holiday caravan has been NCC Approved, it will have been built in accordance with the safety requirements of UK legislation, the associated industry Codes of Practice and British/European Standards.

- If you are renting from a reputable park, they will have ensured that all caravans have been checked and the appliances regularly serviced. 

- If you own a holiday caravan, it is essential to maintain it to prevent any risk to you and your family.  If it is sited on a park, the park operator should be able to advise you.

Flooding in caravan holiday homes - how to minimise the risk

For home owners: You should check whether your caravan is sited in an area at risk of flooding – you can do this at Environment Agency website by entering the park’s postcode. The Environment Agency has a 24-hour telephone information service, Floodline (0845 988 1188), which provides a quick-dial number for direct access to any recorded flood warnings in your local area.

If you are in a flood-risk area, your park should include information (e.g. at reception or other public areas, or with your annual pitch fee request) about their plans should there be a flood. 

Make yourself aware of the location of assembly points and where flood warning information signs are located.  Owners should take advice from the park staff and of course co-operate with the emergency services, if necessary.

For parks: There is a very useful jointly-produced publication that gives practical advice to park owners on how to best protect their owners from the risk of flooding – it can be downloaded here

Fire safety

Most fires start in the kitchen. Always ensure the smoke detector fitted by the manufacturer is operational. The NCC recommends fitting a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket close to the kitchen area.  In the unlikely event that a serious fire does break out, exit the caravan from the nearest escape door or window and contact the Fire Service. Only attempt to fight the fire it it's safe to do so. Turn off the gas supply from outside the home and do not re-enter the caravan until you are advised to do so by the Fire Service.

Gas safety

For important information about gas safety, download the Stay Safe leaflet

TOP TIP: Regularly check that your caravan's smoke detector is working.  Modern caravan holiday homes are fitted with carbon monoxide detectors - check they are in working order. 

Work done on any gas appliances must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered gas installer.
PLEASE NOTE: If you, or your park, sub-let your caravan holiday home, you may be seen as a "landlord" and by law must have your gas appliances and flues checked at intervals of not more than 12 months.