Siting FAQs

Where can I site my caravan holiday home?

Normally, a caravan holiday home must be sited within a licensed holiday park.

Do I need planning permission to site a caravan holiday home on private land?

If you wish to site it on your own land, planning permission should be sought.

How do I arrange to get my home sited?

If it is being sited on a park, this will normally be arranged via the park operator who will ensure that all the manufacturer’s instructions are adhered to and that Health & Safety requirements are met during the operation.

How do I arrange for a home to be sited on private land, or moved from a park?

If the home is being moved or sited on private land, you must use a specialist company - there are several in membership of the NCC - not least to ensure that the manufacturer's warranty is not compromised. If you are moving a caravan off a park, the park operator may charge a fee to disconnect your home from services, especially gas, sewage and water. Again, this needs to be done by a competent person.